Revd Dr Michael Bochenski


Michael Bochenski

It is great to be back ministering in the Midlands! Since moving to Rugby in 2009, I have concentrated on developing a  Sunday to Saturday All Age Church and Programme here at Rugby Baptist Church, and on getting to know God's people at RBC — a faith community of some 300+ people of all ages. We have also been developing the church's worship in ways that blend the traditional and the contemporary over the course of each month. Team ministry here has  developed in some new directions with Peter's call, some new house groups, a stronger pastoral team and a focus on worshipping, serving, growing, reaching out and belonging. I have also very much enjoyed networking with church leaders across the town through the Revive group of churches.

Rugby Baptist Church is clearly committed to town centre ministry in a local community that is developing rapidly in changing times. It is my privilege to chair Hope 4 — a charity working with homeless and badly housed people here in the town. Together with a hard-working group of directors and 6 paid employees, I help oversee the Hope 4U food ministry, the Hope Centre (8 Newbold Road), an interchurch winter night shelter, and the Rugby Food Bank

Liberation theology has long inspired me as has the courage of the Anabaptists, our ancestors in the faith. In my book Transforming Faith Communities I explain why. It’s cheaper on Kindle!

Over the course of my ministry, over some four decades now, it has been my privilege  to preach and teach in churches and colleges across Britain and internationally. Always I have strived to keep this preaching and teaching rooted in local church life and ministry. Why? Because, in the words of John Stott: ‘...the world can be won for Christ by evangelism and made more pleasing to Him by social action’.

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