Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a new song written by one of our musicians here at Rugby Baptist Church - Terry Shaw

It was first heard at the beginning of our 2nd November morning communion service. The vocalist is Bridget Tiller; the flautist is Lucy Tiller and the pianist is Terry Shaw.

Listen to the audio file    Download a copy of the lyrics


Whatever your denomination (or none)

Encounter people of all ages

Learn to follow Jesus Christ

Connect with the community

Open and study the Bible in a variety of ways

Meet in extensive premises in the town centre

Experience a variety of styles of music and worship

Housegroups - Spring 2015

Our housegroups here at RBC are studying the 12 apostles this Spring. Please let us know if you would like details of where the groups are meeting and when. The painting of the Last Supper is by the C14th artist Puccio di Simone and is now on view at Upton House, Warwickshire.

  • Andrew - Bringing Others to Jesus (John 1:35-42)
  • Simon Peter - Defending and Rebuking the Saviour (Mark 1:16-20; 8:27-38)
  • Matthew - Drawing in the Outcast (Matthew 9:9-13)
  • James - Hating Our Enemies (Luke 9:51-56; Acts 12:1-2)
  • Philip - Learning to Trust(John 6:1-13)
  • John - Seeking to Be the Greatest (Matthew 20:20-28)
  • Thomas - Leaving Doubt Behind (John 20:19-29)
  • Nathanael - Developing Spiritual Insight (John 1:43-51)
  • Judas Iscariot - Turning Away (Matthew 26:14-30, 47-50; 27:1 10)
  • Three Others - Faithful to the End (Luke 18:18-30)

Rugby World Cup 2015

RBC is supporting the town’s Rugby World Cup 2015 programme alongside sister churches in REVIVE. On Pentecost Sunday we are hosting a Training Afternoon followed by the REVIVE Unity Service.

This is the programme:

  • 15.00 Welcome, introductions
  • 15.05 David Chawner shares the vision with video.
  • 15.35 Claire Bankole speaks about building community particularly at sports festivals.
  • 16.15 David Chawner - introduce the people running electives.
  • 16.20 Elective 1: Children and Families ideas and resources OR Elective 2: Ideas for outreach events during the World Cup – e.g. men’s events, sports quizzes etc.
  • 16.55 Local update on RWC 2015 plans.
  • 17.00 Local community groups.
  • 17.25 Prayer
  • 17.35 Notices. TEA - please bring a picnic tea
  • 18.30 The 2015 REVIVE Unity Service.

If you would like to attend please sign the list on the JLH Mission noticeboard or email

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