What's the best love you've ever known?

Did it run smoothly or were there times of struggle? Was it a personal thing or something you shared with others? Did it fade over time or did it grow deeper and more substantial as the years rolled on? For us at Rugby Baptist, we believe the best love we’ve ever known is the love of God shown to us in Jesus Christ. It's what brings us joy, sets us in community and strengthens us in difficulty.

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Join us to discover more about this love through Discipleship Explored, a study series in Philippians. As we read the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to the church in Philippi we can encourage each other with the joy we have in Christ and stand firm together in him. Discipleship Explored is an eight session series for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives.

For information about a group near you please contact Peter den Haan by email or call 07421 327819.


  1. Confident in Christ (Philippians 1:1–11)
  2. Living in Christ (Philippians 1:21–26)
  3. Standing together in Christ (Philippians 2:5–11)
  4. Transformed by Christ (Philippians 2:12–30)
  5. Righteous in Christ (Philippians 3:1–9)
  6. Knowing Christ (Philippians 3:10–4:1)
  7. Rejoicing in Christ (Philippians 4:2–9)
  8. Content in Christ (Philippians 4:10–23)