Canary Gallery

These are Rugby Baptist Church handcrafted canaries spotted perching about town and reminding us to take positive action because of the climate crisis.

There are 46 photos for this gallery.
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On Echo's shoulder, Caldecott Park Clarissa Peachy
in Rugby Central Shopping Centre Clarissa with Pauline Perched up by the organ, Rugby Baptist Church
Cuthbert KG looking pensive, with Rupert Brooke Thomas Hughes might just catch a flash of yellow from where he's standing
KG looking towards Rugby School Chapel Clarissa's been spotted in town having coffee with a friend Clarissa in the church garden with Pauline - one of the most gregarious of the Rugby Baptist Church canaries
Tony '> Canaries come in all shapes and sizes, we find. Can-ary
This is Custard, pottering in the petunias Surveying the garden In the Church Library
Canary chick Cross Stitch Canary Another canary in the church library
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